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The Real Spring Break

It’s that time again! Spring Break. This term calls up images of crazy, loud, American College students running amok in Cancún, Miami, or Myrtle Beach. And while there are students who can afford to do this (my grandparents encountered loud Spring Breakers this past month at the resort they stayed at in Mexico), it is a lot less true than you would think.


How to Fight the Pre-College Jitters

Hello, prospective Keuka class of 2016. This post is particularly for you guys. I have been reading your posts, and a number of you seem to be worried about college and questioning whether or not this will be the right choice to make. Therefore, this post will address those areas of concern so you can have a little more insight and make a more informed decision. I hope this helps!


Welcome Keuka Freshmen!

It has been two weeks since the successful conclusion of Transition Week for Keuka College’s class of 2015, and already, from what I have seen, they seem quite at home. Nevertheless, two weeks would barely be proportional to “tip of the iceburg.” What I mean to say by using this cliché is that students who are new to the college setting, or who are just new to Keuka, have only just begun to experience college life at Keuka.


Happy (Almost) Summer from Eye on the Storm

OK, it’s halfway through May. Why can’t it be the end of June already? As college students either wind up the semester (like at Keuka) or begin their summers (like many other college students), high school students still have a month to go, and for seniors, that means one more month till graduation.

Most high schools have their own senior traditions. Furthermore, whether you’re stressing with final papers and exams (and Regents if you live in New York or California), or you may just be whiling away the weeks, days, hours, minutes, yeah… till graduation. Whatever the case may be, we hope you make the best of it. We also hope that all of our posts, tips, humor, packing lists, and advice has helped you out with the next step of your life. But trust me, the last month goes by really fast, so I’ve compiled some ideas to help you go out with a bang (without landing with a bang!).


The Ultimate College Necessities List

OK, that time is approaching. The college countdown is on, and it takes a lot to prepare for the start of your freshman year. One of the most important (and exciting things) is choosing (and buying) what to bring. In this article, I not only give you (what I find to be) a more broad, more flexible list than Keuka will send you, or what else you might find on the internet, but I also give you strategies and lessons I have learned so that you might be able to save some money, not come with too little (or too much!), and be able to transport your stuff without too much hassle.


Don’t Stop Now: A Summer Reading List for the Soon-to-Be College Student (Recommended by a Current College Student)

OK, for most high school seniors out there, you have, two months, precisely, till graduation? I think to the day, my younger cousin has just about this amount of time left. While many of you will be taking care of final papers, preparing for final exams (and NY & CA residents, prepping for Regents), preparing some final speeches or research projects, and reading your last couple novels or works of literature for English classes, you might be looking forward to a reprieve from all  the work; however, you should not think of your summer holiday as a break from one of the most important things you will participate in during your college years: reading.

True, most people work during the summer. I don’t blame you; I did too. Afterall, it is important to keep your pocket filled, expecially since college is no cheap investment. College is also no light investment; therefore, while you keep the money flowing, you should also keep your intellectual and creative capacity in shape. How? Read. Read whatever interests you, but try to also reach out for something new. Your college professors will more than likely ask you to do the same.

Here I have compiled a list, arranged by topic (with attention to a vatiety of majors and interests in mind), and I hope, that if you don’t consult anything on this list, that you at least pick up a book and finish it (you would be surprised how many first year college students I have heard admit that they have never read a book cover to cover, or have never read a book outside of a class). Happy Reading!


Go Big or Go Small?

Hey all you high school seniors and (especially) juniors out there! With still two months of school to go (ugh, right?), you may either be reaching the point where you think about colleges you’ve been accepted to and/or have decided to attend, or you may be thinking about different colleges that may be right for you, respectively. I have gathered some of the pros and cons that come along with attending both big and large schools. Whether you’re preparing for college or beginning your search, I hope these tips and observations will help you either be more prepared, or decide which type fits you best.


Wrapping Up the Costs of College

Students who are seniors in high school and plan on attending college in the fall, now is that time to, according to Keuka’s Financial Aid Office:

With that in mind, you might be feeling a little lost, or a bit overwhelmed. If you haven’t already visited Keuka’s Financial Aid Page, then now is the time to do so. I researched some online opportunities for finding outside funding, and I also spoke with Keuka’s financial aid director, Jen Bates. Here is what I found:


Registering for Classes

One of the most daunting or exciting initial experiences for a new college student is registering for your classes. A lot of colleges today have online course registration, which is available to brand new students; however, at Keuka College, a lot of attention is paid to individual development. Therefore, working out your initial courses with an academic advisor during the transition week before the start of classes your freshman year will be required.

While my initial sit-down (and ongoing support) from my advisors helped me immensely, it also taught me to be independent and flexible when it came to planning my classes to meet graduation requirements (especially for a double major, this is vital). Without further ado, this quick tip list will share what I learned about registering for classes in college.


A Typical Day in the Life of a College Student

The clock is ticking… if you are a high school senior who is just waiting for graduation to come so you can be off to college, no worries; I’ve been there too. And while I utilized as much online information as possible about what it really was like to be a college student, I never really fully “got it” until I actually came to college (and spent a couple months here).

This is true for you too; you won’t really get it till you live it. But, perhaps an exclusive peak into the typical day of an average college student will prove useful; however, just like their days vary depending on the workload, major, interests, work-studies and commitments, yours will too. But at least this will give you can get an idea of what to expect.