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Amy Stroka
Amy Stroka
Alden, N.Y.
North Carolina State University
Amanda Tyler
Amanda Tyler
Sodus, N.Y.
Army National Guard

The George H. Ball Community Achievement Award

About the Community Achievement Award

The George H. Ball Community Achievement Award was created to honor Keuka College’s founder, the Rev. Dr. George Harvey Ball, and the College’s historical commitment to community service.

  • Awarded Monthly: Keuka selects a scholarship recipient each month, from September through January.
  • Covers All 4 Years: Students who maintain satisfactory academic performance receive the scholarship each year of study.
  • How We Choose: Recipients are selected based on their record of community service and activism.
  • Guaranteed Admission: Students who receive the scholarship are guaranteed admission into Keuka College.

Valued at $17,000 per year, the George H. Ball Community Achievement Award is Keuka College’s highest and most prestigious award.

Teachers, guidance counselors, principals, and volunteer supervisors are welcome to nominate outstanding students using the form below. Please note that the awarding committee considers every nominee each month; there is no need to nominate a student more than once.