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Undergraduate Admissions

Field Period Focus

Alicia Wimmer
Alicia Wimmer
Brackney, Pa.
EF College Break/Thailand
Lee Planck
Lee Planck
Boonville, N.Y.
Watkins Glen International

You’re not just almost a freshman.

You’re that full-of-life, talks-with-your-hands 17-year-old who’s just trying to figure this whole life thing out.

You’ve got college applications. A part-time job. Parents. Friends. Pressure. Drama. Soccer practice. Text messages. First-time bills. And maybe even a crush.

You’re definitely not just a freshman.

You’re a high school junior or senior, who’s about to be a freshman, who’s about to be an adult. And in order to do all of that? You’re gonna need some help.

You love to learn, yet you hate being bored. And if we’re going for full disclosure here, you’ll admit that the idea of sitting through long, dry lectures makes your eyes start to roll back in your head.

You’re more of a hands-on learner. You like to get up, get out and explore the world. And you want to make darned sure that your future career — whatever you decide that to be — allows you to, well, do stuff.

Really, super cool stuff. And stuff that allows room for the rest of your life, too.

We’re Keuka College, and we’re all about you, the soon-to-be-freshman who’s about to be so much more than just a freshman.

We’ll make it safe, inspiring and fun for you to develop your knowledge, leadership and, if you’re game, meet a ton of like-minded new (and, more than likely, lifelong) friends.

Our mantra? Get up, get out and DO.

And we stand behind this through our Field Period program, one of the top internship programs in the world (if we don’t say so ourselves.)  Each year, you figure out where you want to work, serve or explore — whether that’s down the block or in a village thousands of miles away — and we help you organize your custom-made learning experience.

We also might mention that Keuka enjoys a 90% placement rate of graduates into jobs and graduate schools (according to those who responded to our most recent graduate survey). In grading terms, that’s a 4.0, thankyouverymuch.

We’re Keuka. You can see that we’re not looking for just anyone …

We’re looking for you.

Welcome to Keuka College: Proud sponsor of a bunch of amazing experiences that you truly have to see to believe.