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Alexandria Allen
Alexandria Allen
Gloversville, N.Y.
Fulton County Department of Social Services
Matt Dunn
Matt Dunn
Walden, N.Y.
MBC Stables, LLC

Choosing Your Major

If you haven’t yet decided on a major, don’t sweat it—you’re not alone. According to Dr. Fritz Grupe, founder of, 80% of college-bound students haven’t chosen a major. And, more than half of the students who declare a major when they start college change majors at least once—and many change several times.

So if you’re unsure, don’t panic. Keuka allows you to enter as an exploratory major and figure it out as you go along. Nearly all of our 34 majors are designed so that you can declare them your sophomore year and still graduate on time.

Ideas for Choosing a Major

Here are a few ideas that may help you decide what program of study to pursue in college: